Stunning Cake Tables

It's your choice for that very special day; beautifully crafted smaller cakes exquisite decorated cup cakes, mini macaroons, bon bon jars, meringues, cake pops, petit fours, mini cupcakes, fondant fancies, chocolates and much more. A Sweet Table that will take you back to your childhood and delight your guests.

Very much in vogue now is the 'Stylized Desert Table' – which can match your design and colour you want to create. So lets be a little different and give your wedding a real wow factor.

If the traditional wedding cake is not your preference then you may prefer a table full of delicate smaller cakes all individually created by Jacqui. The smaller cake tables are becoming evermore fashionable as are combining the two. A traditional cake surrounded by beautiful styled smaller cakes really does impress.

Mini cup cakes from £1.50 each,,
Cake pops from £2.00 each,
Iced Cookies from £2.00 each,
Meringue £1.00 each,
Mini macaroons from £1.35 each,
Iced cup cakes from £3.25 each,
mini iced cookies from £2.00 each,
love birds £3.25 each.

(All the above are for minimum orders of 12)